Yellow omeshi with urushi roses

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This townwear kimono is in Omeshi silk with lame leaves and pink roses in urushi.

Yellow townwear with urushi rosesI bought this ‘townwear’ kimono from Yamatoku.

Townwear kimono are assembled from bolt silk, so the design is equal in all areas of the garment rather than being placed at the hem. This makes them inherently less formal than furisode, tomesode and other formal kimono such as tsukesage or houmongi.

I was attracted to this kimono because of the sheen of the silk, while the roses were in urushi, which was a technique I already knew I liked. I’m particularly fond of yellow and the balance between the primrose coloured ground silk, the pink roses, the silver lame and the peach lining was very effective.

Roses, incidentally, are considered a casual flower in Japanese art, unlike older flowers such as pawlownia.

On arrival, I fell in love with the silk and contacted Yamatoku to ask what it was. This was when I learned it was Omeshi, a tough crepe silk of almost furnishing weight.

The silver lame threads turned out to be copper-coloured and really quite beautiful.


As ever, the kimono was too long, so I shortened it from the hem so that I could wear it as a kimono.

Yellow townwear close-up of urushiAfter wearing the garment regularly for a couple of weeks, it began to soften up and developed a better drape. Around the house, I often wear it with a t-shirt and leggings or tights, with a front-tied obi. To my surprise, although it is a pale colour, it sheds dirt very well and remains surprisingly clean.

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