Cream houmongi with gold embroidery and yuzen

I just fell for this rinzu houmongi, which ticks many of the boxes I want in my formal kimono.

White houmongi with embroidery and yuzenThis cream houmongi is the latest addition to my kimono wardrobe – I was lucky enough to win it last night on Ebay.

I have been umming and ah-ing over getting a new houmongi lately. Now that I regret the decision to cut up my first-ever houmongi, I’ve been looking for one of similar quality but also affordable, and it’s been a tall order.

White houmongiOne black one with yuzen cranes that I had my eye on went for $80 recently – way out of my league – and since I had cancelled another bid to bid on it, and then the other one went very cheaply, I was left kicking myself.

Consequently, when I spotted this one from Japanese Antiques, my eyes lit up. I’m guessing it’s not particularly old, but it ticks several of my boxes:

  • Long sleeves
  • Multicoloured
  • Yuzen
  • The pattern reaches to the collar at the front
  • The pattern continues under the obi, rather than breaking.

close upIt also has a two-tone background, multi-coloured decoration, sayagata-patterned Rinzu silk, silk embroidery, gold thread embroidery, surihaku, and the pattern extends to both sleeves, both front and back.

All those attributes made it very desirable, so I placed my bid before going to bed last night, and was astonished this morning to find I’d won it for only $20.50 (this is FAR less than I paid six years ago for my other houmongis).

I seriously look forward to wearing this kimono, and also to displaying it, as it should liven up my dark back wall.

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