Grey omeshi townwear with urushi leaves

This was the first kimono I bought knowing it was omeshi, kicking off a long love affair with this fabric.

Grey omeshi with urushiI simply love this kimono. I love everything about it, from the rough omeshi crepe to the soft combination of grey and pink, to the glittery urushi thread of the leaves.

It’s a 1950s kimono, and left to their own devices, many people might have guessed that. There is something about this combination of grey and pink that simply shouts 1950s, and from that decade, which is part of the Showa era, there are many kimono in red, black, pink, grey and cream – all colours seen in western fabrics of the same decade.

close upThis kimono is from Yamatoku and cost $23 back in 2004. The urushi has different levels of lustre, and is in the colours pink, burgundy, dark green and blue. The doura is cream, the hakkake is pink, and the sleeve linings are pink, so there is a subtle trimming effect at cuff and hem, and altogether this kimono has a feeling of rightness and balance about it.

supercloseBecause it is very short – only some 56in – I have always worn this kimono, even at the beginning when I couldn’t get the knack of the ohashori, so it has always had a great deal of wear. And there is something about the grey colour that I find really pleasing. There are many many shades of grey in kimono, as it’s a common colour for older women, and this one has the delicate shades of a pinkish-grey evening sky when a storm is on its way.

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