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My new obi fabric arrived yesterday – can’t wait to turn it into a ‘fake’ obi.

zigzag obi fabricI bought this bit of obi fabric on Ebay last week for a couple of dollars and it arrived in the post yesterday.

My plan is to cut it in half lengthways, join the two bits together and add a velcro closure, to create a datejime-style obi that looks like a fukuro obi from the front. Then I can add ties and scarves, etc, but there won’t be a big knot at the back, so I can sit in a chair easily. I also often wear a haori at home anyway, so with that on, it will look quite normal.

It turned out to be fabulous fabric when it arrived. It’s rayon brocade and the brocade threads at the back were immensely long. I cut them off to use in fabric-making, as there are lots of gold and silver threads among them.

Will post a pic when it’s done.

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