Brown arabesque komon, blue stripe komon

These quiet komons are two of my most-worn kimono.

Brown komon with arabesquesblue and black lame stripe komonThese komons are two of a number of kimono I bought in 2004 from a vendor that sadly no longer seems to be trading – Kimono Shop.

Because they were only priced at about 10 dollars, I bought three or four in a month, and it looks to me as if they had either the same original owner or came out of the same workshop because they share an unusual feature in common – they are all faced with ribbon.
The ribbon is all the same ribbon, too – beige silk with a floral pattern and one straight and one wavy edge (never seen any other ribbon like this). It forms a quiet but pleasing contrast at the cuff ribbonedges and hem, as well as protecting the main kimono fabric from wear.

Both komons are printed, not woven (the ground for the blue one is actually black), and the brown one in particular shows a lot of subtlety, with several shades of brown and grey and greige, which marries well with the greige hakkake. The blue one has a snuff-brown hakkake – a most unusual colour – and both are lined, in homely fashion, with cream cotton.

This brown komon, which is a fine chirimen, was once covered in surihaku – all the brown areas are covered in tiny dots of faded silver paint. On the blue kimono, which is a much thicker, stiffer silk, applied silver glitter is still in place. My husband says it’s quite blinding when I wear it in the sun.

Both of these kimono are pretty short, so there is virtually no ohashori, as you can see in the picture. Here, the brown one is teamed, in my usual fashion, with a bit of kimono rayon tied as an obi (inside is the long 3″ obi stay). Just a comfy kimono for bumbling about my daily business.

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