Brown meisen with holly berries and leaves

This brown meisen komon has a most unusual pattern.

brown holly meisenMy latest meisen purchase is this brown one with a very unusual pattern in the weave – holly leaves and berries.

To be honest, until I got this kimono I didn’t even know the Japanese HAD holly.  It’s certainly not one of those patterns that you see around all the time, like chrysanthemums or phoenixes or sayagata. In fact, I’ve never seen holly depicted anywhere else on a Japanese item.

That said, the Japanese DO apparently have holly, so whether this kimono is influenced by western ideas, where of course the holly is a traditional home decoration at Christmas, I can’t say.

As you can see, it has very long sleeves – about 24-inch – and is in Taisho Roman style. I’m guessing it’s early Showa, though, as it has that slightly sturdier feeling to it, and a cotton lining rather than whisper-thin silk. Many of my much-worn Showa items have a cotton doura for practicality.

brown holly komon frontThis kimono is very high quality meisen with a lovely pattern in the weave, as well as the woven pattern of the leaves and berries. The close-up pic below gives a better idea of the actual colour, which is a mixture of snuff brown and leaf brown, rather than the coffee colour shown in the full-length picutures. The hakkake is pale pink – an unusual colour match (I would have expected red). It’s also heavy – nearly 900g – so I expect to be wearing it mostly in winter.

meisen close upThis arrived last week, when I was playing with my fukuro obis. I wore it all day and it was very comfortable, though I have now put it away until a change in the weather. Smooth and delightful to wear, so another good buy from Kofudo.

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