Kimono diary: 19 degrees and windy – time for kasuri

Sun, showers and 19 degrees today – the temperature is steadily dropping and I think my weeks of wearing ro and sha may now be over.

Today I’m wearing my kasuri kimono in green, black and pale-blue cotton, with my cotton ro aizome kimono underneath it as a juban, and my new yellow and black kaku obi which arrived this morning. The obi is very comfy, despite my rubbish clamshell knot. Still in Crocs and no socks but last night put on Uggs to go down the garden and watch the Perseid meteor shower.

These two layers of cotton – one thin and one thick – work very well in our current sun/wind/showers weather.

I got the idea of using yukata as jubans from a blog by a kimono lover in North Dakota, and it’s a good one – it will extend (by a long chalk) the number of juban I possess.

I think I will carry on with this idea but put a han-eri on this kimono when using it as a juban, just to ring the changes. And I think this idea will work equally well with my ro kimono, and perhaps the blue sha with white yabane too.

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