Kimono diary: Cream ro but now needing a haori

cream ro komon with cream silk haori21 degrees, with sun and showers, so alternately quite hot and freezing cold – fairly unseasonable for August.

Felt like wearing ro today, so put on my cream one with plum blossoms, but then felt in need of an extra layer, so rather than getting undressed again, wore the cream silk haori with mosquito print. I originally bought this haori for resale but rather liked it when it turned up, and so it remains. The little mosquitoes are in shades of red, yellow, green and black.

cream organza obiMy obi is a length of stiff synthetic organza with gold checks, with gold braid sewn along every edge. My mate Maylin picked this up for me when she was buying fabrics by weight from some sale place in the UK and it works well as an obi because it’s very grippy and doesn’t slip.

In my usual manner, it’s wrapped around a stay (in this case, cardboard from a shirt package), then wrapped front to back, back to front, twisted and tied, and the short ends tucked in. I find this a very comfortable way to wear an obi on a daily basis as it’s completely flat at the back for sitting in chairs.

At the weekend, I might make a new obi stay from my usual green mesh, but wrapped in white fabric so that I can wear it with light-coloured things.

black han eriWith the day being a bit draughty, I decided also to wear a han eri. It’s not actually attached to anything here – in a total cheat, it’s just tucked in and holds its place pretty well by dint of being fairly stiff. This is one of a number of han eri I made recently, and is recycled from an old Yves St Laurent dress that I found in a charity shop.  I particularly like the way it picks up the black, cream and pink that are present in both the kimono and the haori.

Probably the last outing for this kimono as a kimono – from the next month or two it might do double duty as a juban.

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