Kimono diary: The usumono months are not yet over

About 27 degrees today and after a work week where I’ve been in scruffs – jeans, denim skirts, etc, stacking wood, cleaning the house and whatnot – today I am grateful to be back in kimono.

I was wrong about not wearing my cream ro again. Today I’m in the cream ro kimono topped with my man’s black ro haori, and a big straw hat.

No obi – I’m just using the ties I put on the kimono years ago, which keeps things very loose and floaty around the middle.

This is very definitely not kitsuke, but is a really comfortable way to wear kimono in the modern age.  The ro’s thousands of tiny holes and cool drape against the skin are the best thing ever in the August heat, the ties of the haori match the pink plum blossoms on the kimono in an accidental but pleasing way, and I love the way you can see the cream through the black, in a way that you see in old ukiyo-e.

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