More new Showa and Taisho


Well, my kimono buying continues apace.

First up, since I’d bought the lovely jade Taisho Roman with tachibana, I figured I might as well combine shipping, so bid on this: a Taisho Roman with tachibana, oddly enough, though the colour and style are completely different.

Black Taisho with tachibana

Black Nagoya obi

This is a lovely Meisen kimono from Japanese Antiques, and having been successful in my bid, I added in a new obi – this black Nagoya – to cut into a tsuke obi. Most of the time I’ll probably wear it without a taiko, so I can sit in a chair and work, but I’ll make the taiko drum so it can be slotted onto the wrap section.

Salmon rinzu houmongi

I’d been unsuccessful with a couple of bids and was kicking myself rather for not bidding slightly more, but then I spotted this wonderful salmon houmongi from Kimono Bestbuy. I’ve long wanted a salmon houmongi with floral yuzen, so I was thrilled to win this one. It has a beautiful red lining too, and quite long sleeves at about 24in – should have a graceful drape when it arrives.

Black Meisen kimono with multi spots

Then, once again, in the interest of combining shipping, I got this super black meisen with multicoloured spots. Since I have decided to concentrate on black-ground kimono (oddly enough, I find my tomesodes among the most easily wearable kimono I own), this lovely smooth silk and busy pattern are right up my street. The sleeves are quite short, as you’d expect with a daily-wear kimono, and the lining is cotton.

I love these old meisen kimono, which feel like they have a real life to them, and have often been lovingly repaired, so I’m now on the hunt for a nice juban to go with it.

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