Hearts stitch journal, 09 January 2018

We had a lie-in this morning and oh, the difference a quarter of an hour makes. Although the day was foggy, it was light enough this morning to see the periwinkles in bloom all around my door. Colour at last! The infill today is sorbello stitch, an Italian stitch used mainly for whitework: it gives a similar effect to French knots but more textured. The thread is not sewing thread but rayon fringing, used for edging silk shawls. This – like the cream rayon perlé I used two days ago – came from the belongings of an Englishwoman who lived in a nearby village. She died suddenly and had no family or money, so her friends here sold the contents of her home to raise money for her headstone: I bought all of her sewing materials, some of which were very fine. I’m glad to be able to commemorate her by using things that were once hers.

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