Hearts stitch journal, 10 January, 2018

A clear morning – our first this year and the weather is due to close in again tomorrow. But for today, no rain, no wind, no fog! It was really almost daylight when I got back to the house, where I was struck by the lipstick red berries and lime green leaves of the nandina I planted to give exactly this splash of colour in winter. The threads are both six-strand embroidery thread. The green is a silky cotton from the stash I received yesterday, while the red is a very old silk that I think I bought when a student, back in the early 1980s. Both were a dream to sew with, slipping through the fabric with no resistance. The ‘berries’ are just cross stitches sewn on top of each other. It’s enjoyable watching this come together now that there are 10 hearts on the fabric.

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