Hearts stitch journal, 14 January 2018

Had a lie-in, since it’s Sunday, and got up to find a bright fog and light frost. Rabbits were running everywhere this morning and a woodpecker was drilling away in the petit bois. With the brown trunks of the apple trees and the frosty grass, the landscape looked like a giant chocolate mint, so this morning I chose a dark brown sewing cotton – four strands – and a single strand of pale green crochet cotton. The outline is in running stitch with couching: I’m not sure if this stitch has a name, but you basically lay down a running stitch, then weave in and out through it, using a blunt needle (I normally sew with a razor-sharp crewel needle). This heart represents the field across from our land where the farmer takes a turn with his plough and moves from making straight furrows to following the bend of the stream. The back of the work was quite interesting this morning – you can see how I repeatedly worked from the bottom upwards to follow the curve rather than returning up and down (if you work in two directions, it shows in the stitch and never looks right).

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