Hearts stitch journal 20 January 2018

Woken up at 5.00am by the sound of torrential rain on the roof. A battleship-grey morning, with the skies now lightening to pewter, with heavy straight, stair-rod rain with no wind. Thank heavens for the cheerful cotoneaster cornubia that I planted near the barn some 18 years ago to shield us from our neighbour’s view as he passed on his tractor. Now a small tree, it’s heavy with berries all winter, which seem to be of no interest to the birds. Today’s threads are a vintage cotton sewing thread for the outline, which was a joy to sew with, and a variegated red/pink cotton embroidery thread I bought as a student some 35 years ago. I cut the pink sections off, leaving it to variegate from light red to dark, which gives a slightly livelier effect than plain red for the berries.

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