Hearts stitch journal, 23 January 2018

Incredibly dark and overcast this morning, with a light drizzle – we have still not seen a sunrise yet this year. There was little colour visible in the garden other than our tall grass beds. I created this garden, next to the house, a few years ago in order to soften the approach to the house. It’s a ‘dry’ garden, planted to withstand drought and require no watering, with grasses, lavender, alchemilla and asters. Some of the grasses, like the miscanthus, are seven feet high, others – like the Japanese blood grass – only two or three feet, but they’re beautiful in all seasons and I wince when I cut them back each February. Today’s threads are a wonderful vintage Twilley’s ‘Lystra Twist’ perlé for the outline and Madeira Decor (now named Decora, I think) for the infill. The outline is stem stitch and was hard to work, as the rayon thread, which I think is for crochet rather than sewing, is very springy, but I worked out a technique of holding down each stitch at the back, which helped. The infill is mostly fly stitch with the odd straight stitch.

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