Hearts stitch journal, 24 January, 2018

Another dark and lowering day, with a light wind and drizzle. Neither words nor stitch can adequately convey the awful greyness of these mornings – 27 days now without a sunrise and I am beginning to feel oppressed and uneasy, as early humankind must have done when they felt the sun would never return. Today there was a slight violet tinge to the sky that reminded me of the last eclipse. I didn’t have a thread the right colour so I mixed a couple of strands of lilac cotton embroidery thread with a strand of grey tapestry cotton. The lilac thread has an accidental variegation, caused by my spilling coffee into my workbox about 30 years ago. The outline is split stitch and the infill is long-and-short stitch with whipping. It was only when I unhooped the fabric that I realised I started and finished this row with a grey morning sky, just as the rows above start and finish with greens and yellows. This is not design on my part, I should point out, but pure serendipity. And that is four rows completed.

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