Hearts stitch journal, 25 January 2018

Another dark and overcast day, but with a few streaks in the cloud rather than the leaden greyness of recent weeks. Still, at least it’s not raining! Today’s heart is inspired by the moss that is growing thickly everywhere this year, encouraged by the high humidity. It’s coating every rock and branch and growing up the bases of the trees like fur leggings. The threads are a last scrap of vintage cotton perlé in a large size (10, I think), from my student stash, used for the outline, and a mixture of mid-green vintage retors d’Alsace and light green modern stranded cotton for the infill. The outline is in knotted chain stitch, where you work a reverse chain stitch and wrap round twice each time – it gives a nice nubbly effect. The infill is in trusty old fly stitch, though at one point my mind wandered, I thought about how fly stitch and feather stitch are alike and I immediately sewed a feather stitch and had to unpick it.

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