Hearts stitch journal, 26 January 2018

An opalescent grey morning with our clearest skies since 28 December – only about three eighths overcast and the fast-moving clouds were tinged a faint gold, with the light behind giving – finally – hints of blue. The grass was mint green from a light frost and the birds were singing away in the woodland. So a feeling of optimism this morning in this short break before the poor weather returns on Sunday! The threads this morning are green crochet cotton for the outline and, for the infill, grey tapestry cotton, blue and gold embroidery cottons and a variegated cotton thread that I dyed years ago when I used it to wrap silk for shibori. My hand is very sore from gardening two days ago and it’s painful to grip a needle, so I kept the stitches simple: whipped stem stitch for the outline and running stitch for the infill.

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