Hearts stitch journal 29 January 2018

Up quite early today, so it was still relatively dark. The rain had stopped but there was little to see in the lane except the rabbits running in all directions. Across the garden, though, the Graham Thomas rose is still in bloom, as it has been all winter. The flowers don’t open unless you bring them indoors, but their yellow buds and orange hips are still a cheery sight. I will have to cut back this rose in a week or two, so it’s good to be able to commemorate it before then. Today’s threads are green, yellow and orange six-strand embroidery cottons; vintage dark yellow coton à broder no 16 and vintage brown cotton sewing thread. It only occurred to me when photographing this heart that the colours are very 1920s. The stitches are stem stitch for the outline, fly stitch for the rather tatty-looking rosebud and spider wheels for the hips – these are quick to do and a lot of fun to work up.

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