Hearts stitch journal 30 January 2018

A mild, pale grey morning this morning with a very light, dancing drizzle. There was an abundance of riches to choose from today, so I went with hazel catkins, as these will soon be over. They are tingeing all the hedgerows now and growing in our old boulangerie across the courtyard. I allow hazels to self-seed in the garden wherever they emerge in a convenient place but I have never had a nut – the squirrels all get there before me. Today’s threads are all six-strand cotton embroidery thread, other than a couple of strands of gold in the outline. The outline is stem stitch with couching and lacing, and the infill is stem stitch and split stitch. Stitching this heart made me aware of how close to autumn colours many spring colours really are. And that’s the January panel finished (the last day will go on a separate square so I can position it freely in the wall hanging).

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