Hearts stitch journal, January 2018

So, that’s the January journal completed, comprising one panel of 6 x 5 and one odd heart, which can be positioned anywhere. Luckily, I started out without the idea of trying to accomplish anything, and therefore wasn’t intimidated by it – if I’d thought of doing 31, I might never have started at all. I’ve enjoyed carving out this bit of space for myself each morning before facing the rigours of the day. The repetitive movement of the needle and the thread are very soothing, even on days that I’ve started out feeling pretty frazzled. And choosing the colours and threads each day is sensual and pleasurable. Looking for something to stitch during my walk with the dog has also made me focus more on positivity. And I’ve enjoyed experimenting with different stitches and trying to work out how to represent something, either figuratively or abstractly, each day. Now for February… 

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