Anchor six-strand stash

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A new stash of threads arrived today. I am very much enjoying buying up these old stashes from Ebay. This one was advertised as ’50+ Anchor threads’ but in fact there are 61. There was only one poor-quality photo to go on, but for a fiver, what could go wrong? They arrived, to my pleasure, in an old chocolate box with a ribbon round it, which felt nicely festive.

This stash obviously belonged to someone – many of the skeins have been used and it contains mostly blues and greens (was she doing a landscape?), with almost no hot colours. I always wonder who the original owner was, and what she was like. Was she making something for herself or someone else? Why did her things end up on Ebay? In a home? Dead? Simply given up sewing?

Most of the skeins are Clark’s Anchor solids, with a couple of variegated skeins and the odd Peri-Lusta. This is what would have been around in the shops 20-30 years ago outside the UK’s cities (I never came across DMC until I moved to London). When I came to look again at my own stash, much of which was bought in the 80s, I found some of my threads were Peri-Lusta, which I don’t remember buying.

Anchor threads are your pretty basic bread-and-butter threads, in my opinion. They’re good quality but nothing to shout about, and their finish is quite matte compared with Cartier-Bresson or Peri-Lusta. The six strands separate reasonably easily if you don’t cut your lengths too long, and they fluff up nicely for shading work. Since they are so cheap, I don’t mind using them for practice pieces, though I’m very pleased with the blue/turquoise selection here and hope to make something for the house with them, as these are my favourite colours.

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