Hearts stitch journal, 02 February 2018

A cold moonstone-coloured morning today, with a proper frost overnight, which indicates about minus-5, I think. The supermoon was still up, and the sky was pale pink and grey, with streaks of orange where the sun was peeking above the horizon. I have put both the sun and the moon in this heart, because it’s my embroidery and I can do what I like. 🙂  Today’s threads are pale green silk, pale green crochet cotton, pale gold Decora from Madeira, orange 1920s rayon floss and pale pink ‘cotton’ I bought from Ebay. The longer I sewed with this, the more convinced I became that it was polyester, so I did a burn test and indeed it is poly, to my annoyance – the finish is duller than I wanted. Consequently, I whipped it with rayon shawl fringing, to liven it up a bit. The stitches are backstitched reverse chain for the outline (to remind myself of the white frost riming each blade of green grass), raised satin stitch for the moon, eyelet for the sun and grass and whipped running stitch for the sky.

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