Hearts stitch journal, 04 February 2018

A cold, dark and windy morning with a marbled grey sky heavy with the threat of snow. We lost power in the night and the house was cold when we got up. Little colour in the winter garden and the wind had blown the dried, brown hydrangeas I cut back a few days ago onto the doorstep. Today’s threads are shibori-dyed string in shades of grey; vintage coton à broder in various weights, which I dyed last week with walnut, liquidambar bark, tea and coffee; gold vintage Twilley’s Lystra Twist; and ecru rawsilk twist shawl fringing dyed with rooibos and black teas. The fringing is from what would once have been a huge Victorian piano shawl, some eight feet wide and long. I bought the fringe many years ago (the shawl itself was long gone) and since it’s remained unused for 20 years, I feel justified in now cutting it for the silk thread. The stitches are whipped running stitch for the outline and lazy daisy for the infill.

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