Hearts stitch journal, 06 February 2018

A little warmer this morning and a light dusting of snow overnight. The sky was grey and even, and the furrows of the winter wheatfields were white, in contrast with the maize fields, where the snow looks like icing sugar sprinkled on a chocolate cake. Today’s threads, with the exception of the green DMC cotton, are all cheap polycotton six-strand embroidery thread that I got in one of those 50-skeins-for-£10 deals on Ebay. They are not the greatest to sew with, but are quite soft and fluffy, with good colours, so will do for today. I wanted to stitch something slow and rhythmical this morning, as it’s been quite stressful already – the day started at dawn with me, down in the village, trying to rescue a stray cat (now safely ensconced in my sewing room). The outline is a lovely stitch, Hungarian braided chain, which builds up slowly and gives the grey thread some presence on the grey fabric. The infill is just stem stitch – six strands for the green/white wheatfields and 12 strands for the maize. And that’s the first row of February completed.

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