Hearts stitch journal, 09 February 2018

A monochrome day. Woke up to the sound of buffeting winds, and rain on the roof. The morning was very dark – it had snowed overnight but by the time I walked the dog, it was already melting, being replaced by sleet, and becoming slippery and treacherous underfoot. Droplets of ice were falling from the beech twigs, silhouetted black against the grey sky.

Today’s threads are vintage black Cartier-Bresson cotton perlé from the stash that arrived yesterday; vintage black rayon 1920s floss and modern silver DMC embroidery thread, which I separated into three strands to create smaller droplets. The stitches are a modified Palestrina stitch for the outline, stem stitch for the twigs, detached chain for the buds (which were then filled with French knots, making them a bit clubby, really) and French knots for the droplets.

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