Hearts stitch journal, 10 February 2018

A beautiful, clear, freezing start to the day, with a soft peach sunrise coming over the hill and patches of ice-blue sky. I walked the dog on the back field today, which is littered with bleached oats lying on the ground like Rapunzel’s hair clippings. My neighbour, like most farmers here, rotates his crops annually and after harvest, oats and rapeseed always emerge from the seed dropped in earlier years. These are left to die and are ploughed in as green manure. Today’s threads are peach, pink and blue 1920s rayon floss for the outline, and silk shawl fringing, vintage rayon perlé and Madeira Decora rayon floss for the infill. The outline is Pekinese stitch with a base of alternate running stitch and the infill is, I suppose, random satin stitch.

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