Hearts stitch journal, 13 February 2018

A threatening, apocalyptic sunrise this morning, soon swallowed up by minatory grey clouds. It felt more like the End of Days than the start of a new one. The snow was swirling down in thick, heavy flakes and outside the shelter of our courtyard, the winds were booming and crashing in the trees. Today’s threads are all vintage: a wonderful grey Cartier-Bresson perlé no 5; orange Cartier-Bresson coton à broder; variegated orange Cartier-Bresson six-strand embroidery thread; purple Peri-Lusta six-strand; and white DMC perlé no 5. The stitches are open (or ‘broad’) chain for the outline, whipped running stitch for the sunrise and French knots for the snow. Since I had a bit of time left, I went back and sewed tiny purple satin stitches in the chain interstices for a slight guilloche effect.

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