Hearts stitch journal 16 February 2018

Nothing to see here. Literally. We are socked in by fog, feeling invisible and remote up here on our hill. When I walked the dog this morning, the lane disappeared into a sheet of white nothingness. The trees looked jet black against the faint peach sunrise. There were blackbirds everywhere, squabbling over the crab apples and fighting in the frosty grass, while in the woodland, a woodpecker hammered away.

Today’s threads are pale green cotton crochet thread for the grass, white lustre Kreinik cord for the frost, peach Anchor six-strand embroidery thread for the sunrise, black Cartier-Bresson perlé no 5 for the crab apple tree, and white angelina and invisible sewing thread for the fog (looks more like a web, but it’s the best I can manage). The stitches are threaded running stitch for the outline, stem stitch and French knots for the tree, topped with angelina couched with a lattice of invisible thread.

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