Hearts stitch journal 21 February 2018

A dark morning with a bitter, icy wind, which fortunately has now turned to the bright, sunny day that was forecast. This morning’s heart commemorates the bittercress that is growing wild here and there in the courtyard, but particularly in a pot that once held a lavatera that didn’t make it through the frost. Gardeners consider this humble plant a pernicious weed (its common name, shot-weed, denotes its habit of exploding seeds all over the place) but it was once considered a food plant and is as edible as cress, with a sharp mustard flavour and high Vitamin C content. Later, it will be going in a salad.

Today’s threads are all vintage: grey Cartier-Bresson perlé no 5 for the outline; dark green DMC coton à broder no 12 and bright green DMC retors d’Alsace no 12 for the trellis, white Wallaert Frères coton à broder no 2 for the flowers and peach rayon 1920s floss for the outline. The stitches are a modified Palestrina stitch for the outline and trellis stitch for the fill. Not long after I began to stitch, a peachy sunrise appeared in the sky, so I marked this with a simple row of running stitch.

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