Hearts stitch journal, 22 February 2018

A freezing cold morning with a delicate peach and gold sunrise. Today’s heart is very simple, partly because I have to dash to the vet in a moment and partly because the fabric in this section is very fragile and threadbare – whether from wear (it’s an old sheet) or from poor hand-weaving, I’m not sure. Therefore I chose stitches that would reduce the strain on the fabric. Today’s threads are peach 1920s rayon floss, peach DMC tapestry cotton, which I pulled apart and used as a single strand, gold ‘Glamour’ thread from Madeira and a pale green cotton crochet thread. The stitches are double whipped backstitch for the outline and whipped running stitch for the fill, with a quick star-stitch ‘sun’. The sun wasn’t actually as high in the sky as this but the fabric in the relevant section was too frail to bear further stitching.

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