Hearts stitch journal, 23 February 2018

A bright and freezing morning with a lovely peach sunrise. The temperatures have stayed below zero for 48 hours now and the ground was hard enough for me to walk around the steep orchard for the first time on these morning walks. Everywhere the rabbits have dug holes to get at the tree roots and there is gigantic undermining going on. In the far corner of the garden, the knobbly twigs of witch hazel ‘Pallida’ were showing their prominent burgundy calyxes, with the odd silky yellow petal still remaining, though most have now fallen.

Today’s threads are peach 1920s rayon floss for the outline, brown Cartier-Bresson perlé no 5 for the twigs, burgundy DMC perlé no 5 for the calyxes and yellow 20s rayon floss for the petals. The stitches are chain stitch for the outline, stem stitch and pistil stitch for the twigs, French knots for the calyxes and fly stitch for the petals.

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