Hearts stitch journal, 24 February 2018

A lovely peachy-gold sunrise this morning, and cold – we have winds coming in from Siberia and temperatures are starting to drop. Everything is very dry and full of static, as there is no precipitation. I had a somewhat macabre discovery when I went to the woodshed this morning – something had obviously killed a crow just at the entrance. All that was left of it was a pile of feathers, and blood on the logs when I brought them in. The culprit, I am guessing, is our little grey friend, who went out hunting for a couple of hours yesterday morning (and again today) before demanding re-entry. It’s unusual to find a crow caught like this – they are normally too clever to fall prey but crows (more accurately jackdaws, which nest on our roof) come to the barn to drink from the tubs and flowerpots outside, which evidently proved a bad mistake for this particular bird.

Today’s threads are all 1920s rayon, which I chose for its lustre. The stitches are a double row of split stitch for the outline (this is actually peach and yellow, for all that it looks like gold) and a modified thorn stitch for the feathers.

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