Hearts stitch journal, 25 February 2018

We lay in a little this morning, the golden light streaming through the curtains, and got up to a cold, crisp day with a pale blue sky. It really feels like spring despite the chill – lots of birds singing and everywhere in our upper orchard, clumps of primroses are now in bloom. They are growing under a chestnut tree that my husband left as a seedling and is now some 25ft high, giving them just the right amount of leaf cover.

Today’s threads are all vintage: variegated blue perlé no 5 by Cartier-Bresson, green no 12 retors d’alsace by DMC, yellow coton à broder no 16 by DMC and convent cotton no 35 by Peri-Lusta. There are two different shades of yellow, but you can’t really tell, and the 35 is used double in the needle while the 16 is a single thread. The stitches are threaded alternate running stitch for the outline, which – and this is a definite mistake – I appear to have changed to whipstitch halfway through, eek! This is what happens when you lose concentration, but the DH says no do-overs, so it will have to remain. I used half eyelet for the primrose leaves and French knots for the flowers. I used my new gold-eye milliner’s needles for the first time today and they do make doing knots pretty painless.

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