Hearts stitch journal, 28 February 2018

Bright and cold this morning – minus-9C – with a lovely pink and purple sunrise. Everything that was in springtime bud has shrivelled and died in the icy winds and only the ivy leaves hanging like stained glass in the window of the barn looked alive. Today’s threads are all vintage: pink C&B perlé no 5, purple DMC perlé no 5, green 1920s rayon embroidery floss and green coton à broder. The stitches are stem stitch for the outline and split stitch and straight stitch for the leaf.

I chose an Art Nouveau style this morning as I woke up with a very painful elbow – don’t know what I’ve done to myself (possibly using the chucker too much with the dog), but both sewing and typing are difficult and I’m having to keep my elbow tucked into my ribcage, so I kept the stitching simple. And that, folks, is February. 

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