Hearts stitch journal, the story so far

I’ve now been stitching my journal for seven weeks (if you don’t count the few abortive days of my running-stitch journal at the end of last year) and have completed eight rows. This is how it looks so far. As you can see, from being quite a simple running-stitch format at the beginning, I started branching out a bit, greedy to claim more and more time for myself in the mornings, LOL.

I honestly can’t remember when I enjoyed myself embroidering so much. Quite by chance, I’ve happened upon a nice little format that I can work up quickly or slowly and which lends itself to all kinds of interpretations. Confining myself to things inspired by my morning walk is more hampering, but as the weather and light improve as the year wears on, this too should expand somewhat.

This February fabric is a bit of a bitch to sew with and I’m looking forward to moving to the lemon linen in March. The hemp is hand-woven, with thick threads that can’t be pierced with a tapestry needle, and threads often end up slightly skewed from where I really want them whereas the linen is a much finer weave. My thought at the moment is to cut out the panels and mount them all to a backing fabric, probably something cream or beige.

Today, February 18, I notice, marks the day that I moved over into proper crewelwork, which is what I’m doing in a separate piece in my more usual palette of whites, greys and blues – the colours of my house. There are some colours, such as turquoise, that will hardly be used in the stitch journal, as I won’t be seeing them in the natural world, so I’m focusing on those colours in my other work.


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