Hearts stitch journal, 02 March 2018

The rain is back and the snow is almost gone – it’s much warmer this morning at 3C and only a few clumps of snow and ice remain to remind us of the cold snap. All over the front garden, euphorbia lathyris is growing, also known as the mole plant. Much to the despair of my gardener, who would love to rip it all out, I like this plant with its knobbly red stems and big pointy leaves like a miniature palm tree, which today were covered with dewdrops, some of them still frozen. In summer its weird green flowers make it look like a plant dropped in from Mars.

Today’s threads are grey and burgundy perlé no 5 from Cartier-Bresson, dark green DMC coton à broder no 12 and silver DMC embroidery thread. The stitches are German knotted buttonhole for the outline, cable stitch for the stems, fly stitch and straight stitch for the leaves and French knots for the dewdrops. I’m not a huge fan of buttonhole stitch normally but I rather like this one, with its bumpy knot. It’s really an edging stitch and produces a nice picot finish for things like table mats, but here I couched it down in order to keep it on the outline of the heart. 

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