Hearts stitch journal 04 March 2018

Another grey and rainy morning and quite dark. The laurustinus is still in bloom though, as it has been all winter, on and off. The flowers, which are pink in bud and white in flower, and the berries, which are a strange metallic blue, can all be seen at the same time on the same plant. The threads today are grey Cartier Bresson perlé no 5, brown Anchor six-strand embroidery thread, white MFA coton à broder lustré no 0, pink Peri-Lusta Convent cotton no 35, burgundy DMC coton à broder no 12, dark green DMC coton à broder no 12 and blue DMC coton perlé no 5. The stitches are double-threaded running stitch for the outline, stem stitch for the branches, eyelet for the twigs, thorn stitch for the leaves, french knots for the flowers and eyelets filled with satin stitch for the berries.

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