Hearts stitch journal, 05 March 2018.

A grey, rainy day with the countryside disappearing into the mists. I’d been thinking for some time of stitching a rabbit one morning, as they scatter in every direction as we walk up the lane. But today it just had to be a bunny, for a rather sadder reason. The dog began jumping up at the car bonnet, insisting that there was something inside, and since we’ve had problems with mice eating the cables and nesting in the engine compartment, I asked the DH to pop the bonnet and chase out whatever was in there. It was a mummy rabbit, who scarpered, but to his astonishment, he found an entire rabbit nest, and in it was a dead baby, quite well grown. It was wounded, so we assume we killed it on Saturday when we used the car to tow out an unexpected visitor who got stuck in the mud. A lovely little nest, too, all lined with breast fur. So, poor little wabbit. We don’t know where the other kits are – let’s hope she got them out safely, as we only used the car inside the courtyard and didn’t actually drive anywhere in it. And now, to search for rabbit repellent. Today’s threads are a variegated grey knitting thread with some elasticity, brown variegated six-strand Anchor cotton and brown Cartier-Bresson perlé no 5. The stitches are stem stitch for the outline and the bunny, and French knots for the eye and tail. This is a simple rabbit but I’m quite pleased with how I managed to get the variegation to fall correctly to show the lighter belly and darker back.

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