Hearts stitch journal, 06 March 2018

Another grey and misty morning, so that’s every day so far this month, but it’s mild and the birds are in full song. The feeder was empty, though and a blue tit was eyeing me hungrily. They are bold, argumentative little birds and the courtyard is full of them now, since we allowed trees to grow closer to the house and they have a short, dashing flight and don’t like to cover open ground. Many of them are nesting inside the barn walls where the mortar has crumbled and they can find a space in the rubble core of the stonework.

Today’s threads are blue coton à broder, a cheap matte variegated blue cotton perlé thread I bought on Ebay, green retors d’Alsace no 12, variegated yellow Cartier Bresson cotton perlé no 5, black 1920s rayon floss, grey perlé no 5 and a white coton à broder no 0 that I dyed in variegated grey. I fancied doing a bit of needle weaving today, so the bird’s crest, wings, back and belly are all needlewoven, while the black and grey details are stem stitch and back stitch. The eye is a French knot, oversewn with a single stitch of white. That’s the first row of March completed.

I really enjoyed doing the needleweaving – I like the raised effect it gives and it worked up surprisingly quickly.

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