Hearts stitch journal, 08 March 2018

Computer problems this morning, so I’m posting a little late. We had torrential rain and blustery winds this morning and I could barely see anything through the rain on my glasses and pouring off the brim of my hood. Outside the woodshed, the ground was littered with glistening ivy berries, black and ripe now, which are being greedily gobbled up by the blackbirds. The threads today are all Cartier-Bression perlé no 5 with the exception of the silver Krenik blending filament. The stitches are threaded eyelet for the outline, which was then filled with silver running stitch; stem stitch for the twigs and double-wrapped French knots for the berries. A few scattered silver seed stitches indicate raindrops. This heart could not be photographed by my Coolpix, due to low shutter speed, so the DH photographed it with his professional camera, which has tinted the grey outline a somewhat blue shade.

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