Hearts stitch journal, 09 March 2018

Yet another dark and rainy morning – it’s rained every morning so far this month and we haven’t had a sunrise yet. I trudged up the lane with the pooch thinking that this, definitely, would be the morning that there would literally be nothing to stitch when I almost walked into one of the Leylandia trees we planted to flank our gateway many years ago. A delicate variegated variety whose name escapes me now, these will grow only a modest 40ft high, unlike the monsters you see everywhere in suburban gardens, and last year I raised the crowns to head height to allow more light to spill across the garden. A raindrop was hanging from almost every leaflet this morning.

Today’s threads are grey and brown Cartier-Bresson perlé no 5, green DMC retors d’alsace, yellow DMC coton à broder no 16 and DMC metallic embroidery thread. The stitches are Pekinese stitch for the outline, but worked with the loops the other way round from my usual practice, stem stitch for the twigs, fly stitch and straight stitch for the leaves and French knots for the water droplets.

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