Hearts stitch journal 10 March 2018

Quite heavy rain this morning and very dark. Yesterday I showed our ditzy new cat Pushkin how to get out of the house via the cellar and since then, he keeps going out but can’t work out how to get back in. There he was on the doorstep this morning, rain all over his thick grey fur. As I exited the garden gate, a squirrel ran through the cherry tree branches right above my head and disappeared into the enormous chestnut tree that marks our garden boundary. So, today I’ve chosen to do a blackwork squirrel, a bit of silver rain and a grey outline to remind me of my cat’s tail as well as the grey day.

Today’s threads are rust rayon 1920s floss, grey Cartier-Bresson perlé no 5, silver DMC embroidery thread and brown soft cotton perlé. The stitches are fern stitch for the outline, back stitch for the squirrel, running stitch for the rain and French knots for the nut and the eye.

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