Hearts stitch journal 12 March 2018

Awoke to the sound of torrential rain on the roof lights, which luckily had almost stopped by the time I walked down the lane. The blustery wind and shafts of pale sunlight streaming from between the grey, scudding banks of cloud made inland Normandy feel strangely coastal this morning. The wiry stems of mallow are still standing in the fields, their seedheads picked clean by the birds and voles. Today’s threads are grey cotton perlé no 5, white crochet cotton hand-dyed with sorrel, silver DMC embroidery thread and gold Madeira Decor thread for the outline, and brown rayon embroidery floss for the filling. The stitches are double threaded alternate running stitch for the outline, and backstitch, straight stitch and detached eyelet for the mallows. I’m quite pleased with this little piece, which captures the subject rather well for once. And that’s the second row of March completed.

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