Hearts stitch journal, 13 March 2018

Posting a little late today, as I had to do some housekeeping on the computer – I’m running out of space and had to dump a lot of images. It was a windy, grey start to the day, though thankfully we now have some weak sunlight pouring through the windows. The first of our flowering trees is finally in bud – a wild plum, the old rootstock of a nectarine that died years ago from peach-leaf curl. We can’t grow peaches, apricots and nectarines in the garden because of this disease, though plums do well here. This rootstock shot up from the dead nectarine and the flowers are very welcome in early spring, plus the plums are edible, so we have left it to grow. Today’s threads are all vintage: pale blue rayon floss, grey-dyed coton à broder, brown rayon floss, green retors d’Alsace, pink rayon shawl fringing, white cotton perlé no 5 and cream à la croix cross-stitch thread. The stitches are double threaded detached chain for the outline, stem stitch for the branch, split stitch for the twigs, detached eyelet for the calyxes, and French knots, single and double, for the buds.

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