Hearts stitch journal 14 March 2018

A cold morning, with a brief burst of sunlight before the sun rose into dark purple clouds and disappeared. This morning, I’m commemorating our first daffodil in the courtyard. I agreed with myself at the start of this project that I would post my mistakes as well as my successes and this is one of them – it was all going well until I did the trumpet, but I made it too complicated and couldn’t salvage it. I gave myself seven out of 10 for effort, which many on the Hygge Nook seemed to think was a bit harse. “Is it eleagnus?” asked the DH, naming one of the few garden plants he knows… Perhaps I should stop listening to him, as others seem to be able to see that the right-hand bit is the trumpet, turning back on itself. Today’s threads are yellow coton à broder no 20, purple silk perlé shawl fringing that I hand-dyed with red cabbage; yellow and orange soft cotton perlés, orange coton à broder no 12 and green coton à broder no12. The stitches are double threaded running stitch for the outline, closed herringbone for the stem, thorn stitch for the petals, and long and short stitch and stem stitch for the trumpet, with french knot stamens.

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