Hearts stitch journal, 16 March 2018

A bright, cold blue-grey morning today, everything soaked through with rain. Today I thought I’d revisit periwinkles, as tomorrow I have to cut them back and that will be the end of the flowers until next winter. Today’s threads are pale blue and grey cotons à broder no 18, purple and lilac Cartier-Bresson Brilliant d’Alger (sewn with four, three and two strands) and white silk embroidery thread. I was going to do stamens but decided the flower looked better with the centre voided. The stitches today are double threaded Roman chain for the outline and long-and-short stitch for the flower. Stitching this made me feel quite nostalgic, as long-and-short is about the first stitch I ever learned. I remember sewing a whole dressing-table set in this when I was very small.

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