Hearts stitch journal, 17 March 2018

Fog. Quite a pea-souper today, so we have that feeling of being stranded up here on our hill: I walked the dog down the lane from nothingness into nothingness. No birds to be seen except for one fluffed-up, almost spherical robin, searching for insects on the Graham Thomas rose. I chose a blackwork style for our little chap this morning, with traditional fly stitch speckling for the breast. The threads are grey cotton crochet thread for the outline (hand-dyed with sorrel), brown cotton perlé no 5, black rayon floss, grey coton à broder no 16 and red coton à broder, about no 30. The stitches are Pekin knot for the outline, plus back stitch, fly stitch, straight stitch and speckling for the bird, with satin stitch for the beak and a French knot for the eye.

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