Hearts stitch journal 18 March 2018

A vile, cold morning – dark and grey with precipitation turning from snow to rain to hail and back again every few minutes. Very little to see on our walk this morning and also I feel absolutely dreadful, having awoken with terrible sinusitis and a sick headache, possibly due to allowing my water pot on the woodburner to burn dry. I don’t feel up to the job of drawing or designing so I have chosen a simple infill in the colours of the day. The threads today are grey, green and white cotons à broder; taupe convent cotton no 35 and warm silver embroidery thread. The stiches are knotted chain for the outline and honeycomb stitch for the infill, couched down here and there with silver. As I stitched, the painkillers began to kick in and I felt rather more human by the end.

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