Hearts stitch journal 22 March 2018

Another very grey and dark morning, though a little warmer than yesterday. The awful north winds have dropped at least and the birds are singing again. This morning I spotted wild strawberries flowering in the hedgerow. I don’t think they ever ripen, or perhaps the rabbits get to them before I do. I’m not very happy with the result – should have used long and short stitch rather than satin. Today’s threads are grey, green and yellow cotons à broder, white perlé thread (about no 8 I think) and a touch of white rayon machine embroidery thread. The stitches are backstitch with added straight stitch for the outline (I wanted something that was entirely on the inside of the outline, so I just made something up), cretan stitch for the leaves, satin stitch for the petals and french knots and eyelet for the stamens.

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